Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Same cousin - complaining about living in Washington and having to watch the Deadskins

As for Washington, I agree with Riggo - it starts at the top. I still think Zorn can coach in this league, but clearly not in this town. He got 8 wins out of this bunch last year.

Let's look at this roster. I love that Campbell is playing okay after they humiliated him. We knew Clinton Portis was old, but they did not add a quality RB. None of those three second round picks last year are helping the passing game (9 combined catches). Haynesworth is confirming he was not worth the money (I bet plenty of fans wish they had used some of that on an offensive lineman about now - you need get backups when the lines get old). Even the guy who got beat on the Lion big highlight catch was Carlos Rodgers - the 9th overall pick in 2005 who has proved to be just a guy at best. [Just to egg it on: DeMarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman, and two time ProBowler OT Jammal Brown were three of the next four picks]


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