Friday, September 19, 2008

Young QBs

I was recently asked to give my thoughts on five young QBs:

Eli Manning - Good QB, but not great. He was a part of the Giants upset last year, but not the main reason. He's streaky and will have some bad stretches here and there - he's not the most accurate passer either. He got hyped because of the Giants run last year, by the end of the season his rep will cool off.

Tony Romo - He's very good. There is no one thing he is great at, but he is good at everything. He can scramble the best of these five. He also is easily the most likely to make the one big boneheaded play that costs his team the game - or to suddenly have a surprise terrible 4 pick game. He's also still young (less than 2 full seasons as a starter) so that might improve. He's a great golfer and I always like players who have mastered something beyond football (tells you something about his dedication and intelligence), but he also enjoys being a famous guy - which can hurt performance but has not affected him so far.

Ben Roethlisberger - The best of them right now. He's kind of a meathead off the field, but he's a big guy with a strong arm. Virtues: He uses his size well to break out of sacks. He doesn't make many mental mistakes. He plays well when dinged (and he plays through). He can throw the Steelers back into a game (see last year's playoff game). Most importantly in my eyes he works he different types of offenses. Usually the Steelers are a heavy running team and he has excelled with that, but when the team was not running well and relied on him to pass more a couple of season ago he did okay with that too.

Phillip Rivers - He's a meathead *on* the field, but he plays hard and his teammates like him. He has the best supporting cast. There is not much wrong with his game, but there is not a lot about it that is super. He's the least likely to take a game over and win it for you, but also the least likely to throw a boneheaded pick with two minutes left in the game.

Jay Cutler - Denver's future looks bright. He might be the best of the five by the end of the season. He's got a great arm, is very accurate, and when he is on he is amazing. He also moves well in the pocket. He still makes the youngster mistakes (throwing into coverage while thinking his great arm can get a ball anywhere), but he has less than two season's worth of starts (and half of those were with undiagnosed diabetes while losing 30 pounds.

How I rank them
Ben Roethlisberger
Tony Romo
Jay Cutler
Phillip Rivers/Eli Manning

One man not on this list is Tarvaris Jackson of the Vikings. Why would Childress make Jackson the starter if he had so little confidence in they guy he would bench him after 2 games? I've never been a believer in Childress. I don't believe in Jackson either, but if you are going to develop him, then develop him. If Childress was willing to can him that quickly he should have started Frerotte since week 1 (or signed a vet in the offseason). It just doesn't make sense to me - looks as though the Vikes are trying to go in two directions at once without a clear plan.


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