Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quick post

I'm only posting this to serve as a record for later. In Week 15 after Dallas had beaten up a depleted Giants squad the week before everyone assumed they were about to make a run and were assuming they would handle the Ravens. This may have been in part because the Giants game was on national television. But I was sure the Ravens were a much better team, but while I thought about it I did not post it here (they won).

So once again I am hearing general consensus going in a direction I find ludicrous. Everyone is talking about how the Eagles finished hot. They are saying this because Philly pummeled a glamor franchise (the Cowpokes) the last week of the season to slip in. But they only just got in because in Week 16 they lost 10-3 (pay attention - only put up *THREE* points) to Washington (who had nothing to play for and lost to the 49ers the next week. Speaking the 49ers see below). So yeah they won four of the last five (over the Browns, at home against the Cardinals, and the Giants right after Plaxico shot his own bad self), but they are not as strong as advertised (and they still have no WRs - it's mindboggling). They might beat the Vikings, which is iffy in itself, but they are not getting past the Giants or Panthers (who I bet go to Tampa).

San Francisco: I like the Singletary hire and that he fired Martz. Iron Mike really turned an awful team around into a tough one in a hurry) I also like the reports that he is not sold on Shaun Hill as a starter. He's been good, but you need to have another option. Also cheap and clueless John York is no longer running the franchise which is nice. In his place is his 27 year old son Jed (Jed!?!), who has no particular expertise, but I figure he can't be worse (maybe he'll call his Uncle Eddie for advice). I'm also worried that Singletary and the GM aren't entirely on the same page and will be spending energy quibbling about that rather than planning for the draft.

49ers needs:
1) Passrusher
2) Another option at QB (besides potentially bringing back Alex Smith, which I am neutral on)
3) WR (as always)
4) Safety

Then their are a medley of lesser issues: RT, backup RB, 3rd CB, another passrusher.


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