Friday, September 25, 2009

My cousin, a margin Niners fan, asked me I would still want Crabtree. My reponse

"Yes I would want Crabtree. Diva or not, I still think there is a reasonable chance he will be a quality NFL receiver. Would I rather they be able to go back in time and draft a passrusher? Yes, but the reality is right now while they have won San Fran is a no frills team with an above average defense, but limited passrush. They can beat bad or average teams and may sneak into the postseason from a weak division, but the offense simply lacks the talent to score well in games with the big boys. You'll see that when they lose Sunday 21-6. Crabtree probably wouldn't do anything as a rookie and end up with 28 catches, 372 yards, and 3 tds, but right now the only WR doing anything is Isaac Bruce from the LA Rams (Yes! He played in LA!) so you have to explore option. What I am really waiting for is Brandon Jones to get back from injury."

And saying this objectively, not as a fan: He's think about holding out until next year's draft. Does he really think he'd go higher after confirming to everyone he's a superdiva perfectly willing to hold out for every last dollar?


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