Monday, September 29, 2008

So the Rams fired Scott Linehan

Honestly I don't know him very well because the Rams have been so bad lately they have appeared in my market (may be related to why Linehan is gone). I always thought he was an above average, but not special football mind. I understand why they wanted to get rid of him - they've been bad and the players are speaking out again him - but it pretty pointless to can a coach mid season (it makes even less sense to fire a GM - even if it is Matt Millen). Teams that are that bad never turn it around. Unless they think Jim Haslett is a long term plan (which given his record in New Orleans I would not reject) and want to see him this was a pretty pointless move.

For the record: while it is out of style I think you really need to give a coach four years to develop a team to really see what you have. Maybe three for special cases.


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