Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saints history

Duece McAllister was cut by the Saints and ESPN had a little article on if he was the best Saint of all time. I tried to post comment there, but it was a hassle so I will leave it here instead.

My first thought was this serious? He only had two seasons where he cracked 1,100 yards. Other than his 16 carry rookie year had only one season he average more than 4.3 yards a carry (4.7)

I am a Niners fan so I have seen the Ain'ts plenty over the years - here is a list of Saints players better (or least as good as) than Duece McAllister.

Archie Manning
Anyone from the Dome Patrol (Vaughn Johnson and Pat Swilling included)
Willie Roaf
Eric Martin - highly undervalued, I was shocked not to see his name in the comments.
Joe Horn
Drew Brees
David Waymer
Danny Abramowicz
Marques Colston
Bobby Hebert
Stan Brock
Wayne Martin
Joe Johnson
La'Roi Glover
Darren Howard
Will Smith
Charles Grant
George Rogers
Sammy Knight
Mark Fields
Jammal Brown
LeCharles Bentley
Eric Allen

I'm sure some will object to some on this list (Hebert I bet gets plenty of grief - and I know I did not put any kickers on, thanks), but how many of these guys would you really say Duece was hands down better than?

Is he the best RB in Saints history - maybe, it's a sorry history, but he's no Hall of Famer. Did you ever remember a point in your life where anyone earnestly argued McAllister was the best RB in the league? Even in the top five? Everyone always overvalues guys when the retire. He never scared me.

Single best Saint? I probably say Ricky Jackson.


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