Saturday, January 03, 2015

This is supposed to be a passing league right?

Of the 8 NFL teams play this weekend - FIVE have pass defenses ranked in the 20's. Carolina - the best - is just outside the top ten (11th). Denver and Green Bay are 9th and 10th (Seattle is 1, New England 17th).

Conversely 4 of them have run defenses in the top 8 - as do Denver & Seattle - plus the Patriots are 9th. So if you have a top ten run defense you apparently have a 70% of making the playoffs (the Texans, who were alive in Week 17, the 49ers and the Jets round out the top ten).

For passing offense the playoff teams are all over the place, but again 4 of the best 8 rushing offenses take the field this weekend and Seattle is 1. In a startlingly mirror image the same three teams - 49ers, Texans, and Jets - round out the top 8. Although the Lions (28) and Cardinals (31) are amongst the five worst.

The real lesson - running the ball is still important in today's NFL, but there is more than one way to make the post season.


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