Monday, November 18, 2013

Jabari Greer

In New Orleans' win yesterday over my floundering Niners, Saints cornerback suffered a gruesome knee injury that you knew was season ending the moment you saw it. Greer isn't a household name and has never made a Pro Bowl in a ten year career that started in Buffalo, but he a solid NFL corner. The Saints defense has been good (ranked 3rd against the pass) and they signed Keenan Lewis this offseason to replace Jabari as their #1 coverman (or realistically giving them a second quality starter after watching Patrick Robinson get torched in 2012 - Robinson blew his new out earlier this year, so the secondary is very thin now), but the Greer injury will have an affect. Greer could lock up with most NFL receivers, which gave the New Orleans D flexibility for run defense, pass rush, and underneath coverage they will no longer have. The Saints are a title contender this year and this the type of injury that won't get much notice, but could end up having huge ramifications.


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