Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The last two games of the year

I won’t deny that I am rooting for Denver to thump Seattle as a Niners fan, but my objective official prediction is Seattle wins. They’re a great defense and can run the ball. Denver can throw it around all over the place, but that is all they are great at. The weather of a New York City winter won’t be especially conducive to that and Seattle has some pass rushers – which is the way to beat Manning led teams. There is also a simpler factor – the NFC is substantially better this year. Seattle beat New Orleans and San Francisco to get here, which is better competition than the Broncos had to take on. That said I sure hope I am wrong about the last game of the year. Plus I wouldn’t mind seeing Champ Bailey get a ring – he’s always struck me as a good guy.

Speaking about the second to last game of the year the team drafted by Jerry Rice beat Deion Sanders’s squad in the Pro Bowl.
That’s shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise – in ten games against each other as players the G.O.A.T. averaged 6 catches for 101 yards and a TD (11 TDs in 10 games). That isn’t quite shutdown corner material now is it? To be fair Deion had 4 picks in those 10 games and his team played tough in Hawaii – but the point of this is the difference between self-promotion and true greatness. [In his defense, Deion would totally dominate Jerry in some type of self-promotion game.]


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