Monday, February 10, 2014

A few "festive" football thoughts

The most amazing thing about Michael Sam coming out was that he did it with his teammates BEFORE last season. None of them raised a stink or outed him publicly. I saw a few Missouri games and he wasn’t being shunned by his teammates. Now I am a little concerned about someone taking a cheapshot at him next year (I always said the NBA or MLB would be the place for the first gay player to come out as those aren’t contact sports) – I hope the commissioner quietly passes the word through the league that targeting him will lead to a huge suspension. One good think about Goodell is that players will know he would back that up.

As for Sam the football player word is that he was considered a mid-round pick, not the star I always thought would be the first player to come out. But I bet he gets drafted. I have no idea who will take him. Probably a team with strong captains who can police the rest of the locker room a bit. Not the Vikings.


The Seahawks won’t repeat. Yes the have a stellar secondary and a great defense, but they don’t have enough truly special players to be champs for multiple years.


Recently I saw an ESPN poll asking which you would play if you were talented in both baseball and football. Now I love football and only watch MLB when October rolls around, but it took me two seconds to pick baseball because the first two thoughts that flew into my head were baseball contracts are worth more money and it doesn’t destroy my body. Again as a fan I live and die with the NFL, so I am thinking that there is a problem (about two-thirds of voters picked baseball). I don’t think the game will disappear, but I do think it will eventually become a sport of the disadvantaged a la boxing.


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