Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Browns trade Trent Richardson to the Colts

I don't believe I have ever seen a team turtle so quickly into a season as Cleveland just did. Two games in they and they traded the third overall pick last year away for a first rounder next year (which won't be that high at all - more on that later). You can make the argument that was the last regime and he didn't fit their plans - but A) Richardson has run well when healthy and B) the Browns have NO ONE and I mean NO ONE else at running back on the roster. They are talking about signing someone off the street to start. Some idiots will make the argument that Richardson didn't fit new coach Rob Chudzinski's scheme, but good coaches adjust their schemes to their talent, ESPECIALLY when talent is limited. If he couldn't figure out a way to make Richardson work that doesn't speak well of him. They look absolutely directionless right now.
Two games into the season when there starting QB gets hurt they declare they are going start their 3rd stringer. Not an auspicious beginning for the Chudzinski era. This can't inspire players that he is honest with them or that he knows what he is doing. I guess having a new owner under indictment isn't a good thing after all. Who knew? Finally great move for the Colts, who address their biggest weakness on offense. The Colts now have two of the top three picks in the draft last year (the other was RGIII who would be superfluous with Luck) and definitely have the look of a playoff team - possibly even good enough to take the division from the perennially underachieving Houston Texans. It is also fun to speculate if we think the would not have made the trade if the immortal Vick Ballard had stayed healthy.


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