Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lemme tell ya what a sport is EERRR

How many times have you had or heard others debate a definition what is a “sport?” Eg. is track sport – no it is an athletic event (which is just making the semantics about a different word).  Any real sports fan has had some derivation of this conversation multiple times. Any everyone has certain heard some some numb ones - "it must involve a ball" is one of the all time worst I’ve heard.
Well I have come up with the perfect definition. I’ve done it by thinking a little outside the box and what makes people better in sports.  This definition may strike a little ridiculous, but when you delve into it you’ll find it’s remarkably functional. **A “sport” is something that if you take steroids you will have an advantage.** Thus boxing counts, but nascar and ice dancing are out. Pick any sport or non-sport and see if it doesn’t put it in the correct category. Think about it - you want a definition that reflects physical exertion.  This is a very simple way of defining that without having a string of ten rules.


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