Sunday, May 05, 2013

Right before your hockey eyes

Watching the NHL playoffs I continue to not understand why GMs don't put more of an emphasis - both in terms of picks and salary - on goalies. A goalie can carry your team (or sink you) more than any other position. In game 2 of their series vs the Washington Capitals the New York Rangers were consistently out played in almost all phases of the game. Yet one lucky goal and they could have won what turned out to be a 1-0 overtime Capitals victory . That was because Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist was "standing on his head" as we put it. He repeatedly made great saves to stone good scoring chances. He finally succumbed to constant pressure in OT, but there had been repeated points earlier when the Caps held it New York's zone and cracked off several shots on goal. The Caps dominated that game save for one man, but because of that one man ONE bad bounce or crazy play could have won the game for New York and totally deflated the better team. A great scorer can't keep a team in the game if all his teammates are stinking out the joint the way a hot goalie has the ability to do.


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