Sunday, May 05, 2013

A post your can write about any team's fans in any sport - overreacting

Many of my fellow Forty-Nines fans have been calling for last year's first round pick, WR from Illinois AJ Jenkins go be cut. He didn't have a catch last year as his anemic work ethnic kept him for suiting up unless other guys were injured.

I don't want to be in a position of having to defend AJ, or be painted as someone pretending he doesn't have significant work ethic issues, but if a guy had enough talent to be a first round pick you don't give up on him in a year.

If AJ had had 1 catch for 8 yards would folks still be calling for his head? How about 5 catches for 84 yards? 6 for 114? One of these seasons?

11 catches 164 yards
14 catches 186 yards
15 catches 246 yards

I'm sure you can see this coming but those are the rookie seasons of Cris Carter, Derrick Mason, Keenan McCardell, Irving Fryer, and Mark Clayton. The deep threat stud at the bottom? Hines Ward, he of the 12 yard career average. Jenkins isn't even in bad company with zero catches: say hello to Jimmy Smith and Victor Cruz.

In his rookie year John Taylor had 9 catches for 151 yards. He sure turned out to suck didn't he?

Yes I know that some of these situations are different, different eras, different rounds drafted (if at all), injuries, substance abuse issues - but my point is plenty of guys have turned it around. If someone can give up cocaine, AJ can workout a little more. Plus current #1 receiver Michael Crabtree is almost certainly going to want a monster contract (more than he is worth) when his rookie deal expires - so there a very legitimate chance he will be gone. Not the the time to get ride of potential talent.

[Facts - gotta love, er hate?, 'em. Also fascinating fact I learned doing this research - we've NEVER taken a receiver in the second round.]


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