Sunday, September 15, 2013

Smooth trade

I would like to give credit to the San Francisco 49ers for being decisive and trading their first round pick last year, WR AJ Jenkins, if they felt he was a bust rather than holding on to him just because he was a first rounder. At least they got a project for him by flipping him for the Kansas City Chief’s Jonathan Baldwin.
I've seen Baldwin a fair amount, he is a big body guy - not a great deep threat (which will be TE Vernon Davis's role on the Niners most likely) but has some speed - with good body control and leaping ability. But KC parted with their 2011 first round pick after two years because he has never figured it out in the NFL and honestly even at Pitt he didn't seem to be a true #1 superstar. He comes across as a malcontent fairly often.


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