Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fantasy nugget of the day

Don't sleep on Larry Fitzgerald this year. His stats were down this past season, but Zona has added Carson Palmer.

Wait - did I just suggest Carson Palmer as a savior!?! Have I lost my mind? I don't think so, you need to read between the lines. Palmer isn't great, but he is an improvement over the dreck the Cards threw on the field last year. While he has never lived up to his first overall pick draft status, he is only 34 which isn't particularly old for a QB (Brees is 35, Brady is 36, Manning is 38) and threw for 4000 yards and 22 TDs in 15 games last year. The Cardinals enfeebled offense threw for 3,300 yards and just 11 TDs. After Kevin Kolb went down in Week 6 the Big Stiff White Guy of the Week they played at quarterback threw for 3 TDs in the remaining ten games. THREE!!! Now Kolb is no world beater (although I think he deserves a fair chance in a training camp for a starting QB - if he could stay healthy for once in his career - a story for another day*), but when he was playing Scary Larry was on pace for an 1,100+ yard 8 TD season. Assuming Carson is an upgrade then look for the best receiver in the NFL to return to form in 2013 (and remember he has last year's first round pick Micheal Floyd from Notre Dame playing opposite him - and now with a year under his belt).

With Kolb and Fordham University's proudest, John Skelton, splitting time in 2011 Larry rang up 1,400 yards. And Palmer has never thrown to this good of a receiver. You've been warned.

*Kolb was on course for 3,600 yards and 23 TDs he was lost for the season.


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