Monday, March 05, 2012

"Franchise" tag

Teams that were going to apply to franchise tag to someone to keep them from leaving via free agency had to do it by today. 21 teams tagged their "franchise" player. Amongst those 21 were FIVE kickers and a punter. That is right: roughly A QUARTER of franchise players were specialists. Only six of the players to be tagged could be called true face of the franchise type guys (and that is being generous to Dwayne Bowe). And that include Wes Welker, who is clearly not the Pats #1 stud (Ray Rice and DeSean Jackson) is pretty borderline too.

You can thank the NFLPA for this, when they renegotiated the contract they changed the salary a team must guarantee to a franchise players dropped. Under the new system to set franchise number the NFL takes is the average percentage of the salary cap the franchise tag been for the last five years and set the tag at that percentage of the cap. That is if the last five years the QB franchise tag salary has been 15% 20% 20% 15% and 20% of the cap - this year it is 18% of the cap (they would multiple whatever the cap number is by 0.18). Pervious the franchise number was based on the top five salaries of players at a given position. The result is the franchise number for every position dropped - usually by about $2 millions (DTs take a whooping $4.5 mil cut - yet none were tagged). You can see the exact numbers here.

For all the money the players get paid you could argue that the NFLPA doesn't represent them very well - although on the other hand it more about how they do for rank and file players, not the stars, that matters.

****Also learned of another Jerry Rice record. This was one I would not have expected - the G.O.A.T. has the NFL career record for most TD catches of 50+ yards. While Jerry was great I tend to think of him as an all around great WR, not as one dimensional deep threat - ironically his over all skills diminish specific ones. He had 36 TDs that covered over half the field - seven more than the next guy (Randy Moss). Of course when you have 208 TDs in your career some of them will be long.


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