Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As long as I am here let me spread the pain

The Jags defense is terrible - historically bad at a level I had not realized and doubt you do.

Yards Per Game 382.1 30th
Points Per Game 29.9 31st
Passing Yards Per Game 253.1 27th
Rushing Yards Per Game 129 25th
Opposing QB Rating 113 31st
20+ Yard Passing Plays 28 32nd
40+ Yard Passing Plays 9 32nd
Rushing Touchdowns Allowed 10 31st
Passing Touchdowns Allowed 16 32nd
3rd Down % 47 31st

That's 8 categories that they are in the bottom three in. And having a rush and pass defense that low is pretty tough. Usually if a team is bad at one phase they are usually statistically good at the other (misleadingly - see Seattle's allegedly second best run defense right now) because if a team can pass at will they won't run much to pile up yards that will hurt a defenses stats (and vice versa).


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