Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My long-suffering DC cousin

I don't have any love for Washington, but I have a cousin who lives there and periodically writes me leading me to take my emails to him and write them up as quick entires there.

Recently he wrote me that complaining that they had signed a washedup Scary Larry Johnson. He also remarked that they just signed a free agent NT (runstopper Maake Kemoeatu from Carolina) because Albert Haynesworth, to whom they just gave $100 million contract, doesn't want to play the nose in a 3-4. He went on to add they have only two decent offensive linemen on the entire roster in C Casey Rabach & G Derrick Dockery (which I think is overstating the quality of Dockery). He wrapped up with noting that their "middling" QB can't wait to get out of town after this season, and there is no successor in place.

I replied that I think Shanahan is doing a much better job than Danny Boy ever did. It's not his fault Snyder overpaid Albert. At least this year they have done okay with cuts and signings (save Rock Cartwright). Johnson isn't a feature back anymore, but they aren't paying him that much.

Here is the hard reality: Washington is two seasons away (chronic mismanagement will do that to you). I think Shanny knows that. LJ and Sheriff Gonna Getcha will split carries this year, prove they are done and clear the way for a late round pick this season to take over in 2012 when the lockout is over. Assuming OT Stephon Heyer (who cuz apparently forgot about) doesn't leave as restricted free agent, he and signee Artis Hicks will be functional on the OL (and they added a blocking TE in Sean Ryan from KC). The latest coaching savior in the nation's capital is making smart small moves to improve roster depth and is probably thinking with better coaching some of the current guys will improve. The biggest factor is do they take a OT at #4 or reach for one of the overrated QBs? I didn't like Jason Campbell coming out of Auburn, but I have grown to respect him more. I think he could be an a slightly above average starter in a more stable situation (and with a better OL) - which might be DC under Shanahan save I think he wants a out no matter what and that they will take a QB at #4 and use Campbell just as a bridge guy. They would be better served taking Dan Lefevour out of Central Michigan in the second round.

My cousin also left out that Kemoeatu is coming off a season ending achilles injury. But if he is healthy he can be a clogger.

Hey, at least they did not sign David Carr...


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