Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drafting strategy

Just a little followup on my previous post talking about draft strategy. You have to find a balance between picking for need and picking the best available guy. What you also have to do is consider your current roster in terms of where you are just average. If you see a super stud out there you should take them even if it isn't a need spot unless the best player at that need spot looks very strong too. The one caveat is that you have Antonio Gates then maybe you pass on the potentially great tight end in a way you would not if you just had say the serviceable Chris Baker. Of course having two all-world tight ends can make a deadly offense and you could still take them if there really is a drop off in available talent left in the draft pool. In the end you really have to play it by ear - the draft is very subjective. A GM could probably do okay and make a contender by constantly going for the safest pick, but never have a great stud laden team.


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