Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2005 playoff predictions

I thought I would pass along my NFL playoff predictions. Given that my preseason Super Bowl pick was Panthers over Chiefs take these with a grain of salt. On the other hand I did win the fantasy league (for those were curious the “person” I did not want in the league ended up sixth out of ten, or behind Mike Bowen who wasn’t even playing. Although still ahead of Captain Clueless, or as I like to call him: my friend Maury).


*Pats defeat Jags – Jags don’t have the offense to exploit the beat up Pats secondary, certainly not with a rusty Leftwich and beat up RBs.

*Steelers defeat Bengals – Bungles don’t know how to win yet, Carson is still pretty green. Their run defense is terrible (their secondary is overrated too).

*Panthers defeat Giants – Panthers have been hot and cold all year, and the Giants are capable of winning at home (not on the road). However Manning has come back to earth in hurry as they backed into the playoffs and their defense is beat up.

*Bucs defeat Washington – Simms has really taken a step lately, and given all the injuries Washington has at CB he should be fine. Brunell is not going to be able to run away from Rice, even if he had two healthy knees.


*Colts defeat Steelers – Colts will just be able to outscore them, Pittsburgh’s defense is not as good as in past years.

*Pats defeat Broncos – This is a risky pick on my part, especially given how much trouble Denver has historically given New England, but I have more faith in Belichick to outsmart Plummer than the other way around. The Pats health front seven will be able to shut down Anderson and Bell and force Plummer to carry them. I’m not sold on Denver’s D as they are relying on two rookie corners opposite Champ, Brady and Branch can beat that.

*Seahawks defeat Panthers – As I mentioned Carolina is hot and cold. That happens when you only have one legit WR and a suspect running game. Seattle will easily be able to shut down Foster.

*Bucs defeat Bears – This will be a great game and I see it going either way. However the Bucs played Chicago tough when they played and can do it. They have plenty of experience and Cadillac will be relatively fresh for a rookie because he didn’t play as much in the middle of the season. Grossman has seven career starts and I think against the Bucs that spells trouble. It is very hard to win it all with a great defense and no offense.


*Colts defeat Patriots – After beating them 40-21 in New England, Manning and company aren’t afraid of them anymore even if the Pats are healthier now. I am assuming this year they will figure out to attack the Pats broken down secondary deep.

*Seahawks defeat Bucs – I don’t like going with two number one seeds, but I don’t see the Bucs pulling this one off. While they might be able to shut down the subpar Seattle WRs and make them one dimensional and get Galloway deep, but Seattle is a damn fine team. Trust me I debated going with Tampa for a long time.


Colts defeat Seahawks – Indy’s defense is not as good as some claim, but Manning and the offense can stake them to a lead. You just don’t go 13-0 without a very good squad. I also feel much better about this pick after they won that last game. Going in with three straight losses is a bad sign.

Where I am most likely to be wrong:

*Bears could easily beat the Bucs and they match up very well with Seattle. However they would lose to the Colts.

*Bucs might beat Seattle, but I don’t see them beating the Colts either

*Denver could hold off the Pats and has the running game to beat the Colts, but I don’t see them beating Seattle.


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