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Review of 2003 predictions after the season (and





Pats - 1

How much will Mount Washington help? A bunch.

They won even without Washington, Brady

Giants - 4

Considerable talent spread over whole team.

Injuires, a poor OL, and Collins reverting to his erriatic nature hurt

Bills - 3

Now everyone gets to see how good Takeo Spikes is

I should have remembered that Gilbride was the Offensive coordinator. Rather than run with their best offensive player (Travis Henry) they tried to throw deep all the time. Once Moulds was hurt Bledsoe lack of greatness was exposed. Spikes made the Pro Bowl

Eagles - 1

Window has closed, you can’t keep cutting starters and stay on top

Started poor. Recovered and went on to win. I not sure how good they are, luckily avoid injuries (save DL)

Dolphins - 2

Ricky won’t be as good. Fiedler will get hurt, but Greise won’t be good enough to keep the job

100% accurate. They did manage to win ten games. Why is Wanstadt still there?

Washington - 3

Repeats old mistakes. Ramsey is massive question mark. All other QBs known failures

Yep. They started out running, but once they won a few game the Ol’ Ball Coach thought he had figured the NFL out. He reverted to passing, and killed Ramsey, who looked okay.

Jets - 4

Too many FA loses, Pennington hurt, Evans suspension hurts too

Yep, they were much better once Pennington came back, and the run defense was terrible.

Cowboys - 2

Parcells needs a veteran QB

Carter looked okay, may still be replaced. Parcells got ever win out of this team. Defense got better quick.





Titans - 2

Eddie George will never be what was. Kearse hurt off and on all season. McNair covers for a lot.

This is correct, but the defense was a little weaker on the road than I expected

Saints - 2

Maybe. If the defense is average, the offense will score enough

Defense was not average. Terrible start killed them. At least they did not choke in December

Colts - 1

James will be better, but not best in league. Manning still throws picks

Yep, the defense was just good enough. They swept Tennessee

Bucs - 3

Still don’t trust that offense. Who is starting RB? Team will be complacent this year

They were complacent, kept saying there were fine as the loses piled up. Good move getting rid of Meshawn.

Jags 3

If Brunell is troublesome team could tailspin

Leftwich was good, Stokes sucked, punter axed himself.

Falcons - 4

Vick won’t be the same when he gets back

He was, but he took to long to get back. Reeves was screwed.

Texans - 4

No OL, iffy WRs

And there were many injuries

Panthers - 1


Turns out Jake Delhomme was passible. WRs developed and Davis was solid.





Chargers - 4

LT, Boston, & Marty

This one I was totally wrong on. Brees was awful, as was the pass defense, and Boston was still a malcontent

Seahawks - 2

Jury is still out on Hasselbach, could win division. Dilfer sucks

Hasselbach was good at home.

Raiders - 3

Won’t be able to avoid injuries with all those graybeards again

Injuries did not matter, team fell apart

49ers - 3

Injuries are already exposing lack of depth

Less the injuries than the coaching.

Broncos - 2

Hardest team to read thanks to Plummer, could win Super Bowl or finish under .500

Plummer had a good record, but I am still not sold on him

Rams - 1

Don’t like Martz, who can’t manage a game. Too many fragile guys in key positions. Window is closed. Iffy DBs

Bulger was good, even if he through a bunch of picks. Holt was outstanding.

Chiefs - 1

Holmes will be good, but not what he was last year. Holiday, Barber, McKeon!?! D still sucks

D does still suck, special teams saved them. They won’t go far

Cardinals - 4

Easily the worst team in football. Emmitt benched half way through season

Shipp was better than Emmitt, but I was wrong: Raiders were the worst team in football.





Steelers - 3

Win by default. Can score with the best of them if Maddox stays hot

Maddox belongs in the XFL.

Packers - 1

It’s all on Favre

Yep. Green is team MVP, but they don’t have 10 wins with average QB

Browns - 4

Will make late season run

Repeated swapping of QBs really hurt

Vikings - 2

Will win division if Favre goes down

Favre was hurt, but not enough

Ravens - 1

“Genius” can’t see forest for the trees. Play Redman

Half right, Boller was poor, Wright turned out to be the answer, and Lewis had a career year


Kordell will excite, but not get many wins.

Kordell did not excite, but the team played hard. Jaurson should not have been let go

Bengals - 2

Hype about Lewis changing franchise personality will die when lack of talent leads to 1-3 start

Ironically they did start 1-3. When the pressure was on they colasped. Lewis looks brilliant now, but they still did not have a winning season, Palmer is an unknown, they might backslide next year


Mooch needs time

They played tough most of the time. Harrington and Rogers look good. Now they just need an RB, TE, and 2nd WR


Raiders, Colts


Bucs Eagles

Giants beat Titans in Super Bowl

Wild Card:

*Titans beat Ravens: Titans can contain Lewis, that’s all you need to do

*Colts over Broncos: The Colts are not so soft anymore. Broncos won’t do it again.

*Packers over Seahawks: Green Bay tough to win at than Arizona or San Francisco

*Panthers beat Cowboys: Carolina good at home, Cowboys not good in big games


*Patriots beat Titans: Belicheck can beat one dimensional Team

*Colts beat Chiefs: A terrible D is a problem in the playoffs

*Eagles beat Packers: Green Bay has the RB to beat Philly, but probably not

*Rams over Panthers: Panthers can’t keep scoring pace, and not good on the road


*Colts over Pats: Colts have the offensive weapons to beat New England

*Eagles over Rams: Rams can’t beat Lions on the road, how ill they beat the Eagles


*Eagles over Colts: Eagles D will pressure Manning, and McNabb to much for Colts D to contain


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